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Earn Free Skin Care by Saving Money

Sign 5 people up for Skin Care Junkie, get a FREE Full-Size Skin Care Product!

Examples of free product:

Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 3.32.10 PM.png
Pomegranate AHAs and Enzymes Resurfacing
Signed Up 5 People? Redeem your gift now!

Thanks for submitting!


How many times can I qualify for this free gift?:

One time only (although feel free to keep signing people up boo!)

How can do I prove I signed 5 people up?:

Keep track of your friend's emails! I'll check and confirm that all of them are

Skin Care Junkies.

Do I get to choose which product I want?:

Unfortunately, I don't have the financial capabilities to allow this option. But I promise the product will be amazing!

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